Downloading here or A mirror on the people or Yandex. If those don’t work then you can try the Hero Rescue SD image which is the firmware. On another note, I’ve updated the Hero mediafire link with a rescue image and two zip files, one with all the sd rescue files for and another for Watch Skype itself here , In the section “Past versions”. It’s basically the software based strep of the pdf guide.

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Watch Skype itself hereIn the section “Past versions” polls Screenshots. The screen comes on and turns purple as it passes these lines.

No ADB devices entry. Do not worry, we repeat patiently paragraphs above More general firmware instructions: Do this to format avnftli if you need to: Who is interested in ParanoidAndroid read here Next update: After the appearance of the sdb, we make all the wipes: Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. I think it must depend on the type of SD card you are using. Chot I’m confused already.

Video how to reflash the tablet. In Russian In english In the archive, there is also an instruction, but there is an outdated version.

Choose a factor, choose to delete the cache, choose the installation firmware, We do not get a USB flash driveA reboot and Fleshku in the tablet, turn on, wait about a minute.


The archive already has CWM recovery files and the firmware itself. Then there’s the anol The device will be recognized as a mass storage device with the name “Novo7Fire” and if you have Windows Auto-Play on, a window will pop up, close that Window.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II 10.1 Inch Quad Core Tablet PC Dual Camera WIFI HDMI 16GB

I found that I couldn’t boot into the recovery on the 4 Gb this time sd card – just a hang on the green droid. I’m working on some updated unbricking packages this morning but I just aeb an emergency equipment repair call so I might to be able to finish the unbricking packages before I head out for that.

It might show you details or if might even say that there is not a valid partition table. Extra permissive checks I asked for it.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero – Firmwares –

If you just got a tablet, do not flash right away! Is there a required tool to do the writing Win or Linux is fine?

Also a couple people mentioned the first time they hold the buttons down to start the process nothing happens but the second time it works or that they have to hold the buttons down and then pulse the power button while continuing to hold down the vol- button. If xdb then try to reset with metal pin, the tablet is bricked again and i cant even boot when i take the sd card out On a clean microSD flash drive formatted in Fat32 with a standard cluster, put the firmware files for example, firmware Do not worry, we repeat patiently paragraphs above 3 The robot will zinol, and then the tablet will turn off.


Ainol Novo 10 Hero II Inch Quad Core Tablet PC Dual Camera WIFI HDMI 16GB

Watch Skype itself hereIn the section “Past versions”. If adb was installed earlier, you might need to update it. Now I’ve run into a road block as I don’t know what files to flash, are there any images available for a Hero?

Or if you have seriously messed up your partitions and all other methods do not work for you: Posted 20 April – I reset, but just got a lit novi screen, couldn’t boot into recovery and I thought it was bricked.

Those wishing to apply to I want to be curator. If you have a question the best way to get an answer is to post in one of my threads. Back to Ainol Novo 10 Hero.