You check support model, size, kind again, and please demand. The repair number of times during “long-term guarantee” of up to ten years term of a guarantee is unlimited! I wish this companies wouldn’t do that. Add to Cart Characteristic of product The specifications details Product review. I also just upgraded to

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Later versions of the Gutenprint drivers have corrected this. There is no limit to ;m740c number of times a chip can be reset. After downloading what I thought was the latest driver, I tried again, to no avail.

All replies Drop Down menu. Aug 10, Per your suggestions, I did mess around with some of the controls under Printer Features thanks for that tip; I didn’t even know all those controls were there.

Characteristic of product Ink cartridge for exchange. Just to keep an old printer functioning?

SinoColor UV-740C Get the Best Value of UV Roll to Roll Printing

Ask a question Reset. We confirm specification in maker site.

After all it is pure Price is higher than recycling product, but chastity has security. Epaon settings have you tried under the Printer Features section of a print window? Jul 8, 7: Using what version and what driver? No matter what I did the Epson printer was still using those default Gutenprint drivers.


Printer Cable USB 2.0 6ft for Epson PM740C

Elson Stock It will be order within 19 hours and 39 minutes now, Designation is possible in ” Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo ” on delivery date after Monday, December 31, I thought I didn’t need to do it since I had cleaned my Mac 8 months ago of those Gutenprint drivers. Ten ca ses are displayed by one o f 17 cas es.

You check support model, size, kind again, and please demand. You then reset the IC chip of the ink cartridge, using the chip resetter ink level resetting system and the cartridge is ready to be used over and over again.

Following this process you may achieve substantial epsin cutting, since you purchase the chip resetter only once and you do not need to purchase new ink cartridges every time you run out of ink, refilling and resetting the existing cartridges many times.

The specific chip resetter ink level resetting system. You need to make sure that you select the type of paper you are using to print. Then press the resetter pins firmly against the chip contacts on the cartridge for a few seconds usually 3 to 5 seconds.


Fixed My Printing Troubles in – Apple Community

You need to download and install it separately. The specific products are NOT manufactured by the aforementioned manufacturers.

In order to resolve this situation, the chip resetter should be placed against the cartridge once again and pressed more firmly to ensure proper contact. Pm74c 31, 8: Jul 4, 4: Resets the level indication of the cartridge to “full”. We see campaign in detail We see campaign in detail Simultaneous purchase campaign It is advantageous by the purchase at the same time! User profile for user: Chastity is good Price is higher than recycling product, but chastity has security. Have you tried the driver from Epson.

The pins on the resetter should line up with the contacts of the IC chip on the ink cartridge.