About where do you set the Gain? Whether or not it was used for the Endless River and Rattle That Lock recording sessions is not documented. April 29, at 2: I like the more personal approach like all your old videos had, so please jeep it up. I use it a lot with my Les Paul:

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March 8, at April 22, at 5: Lots of valuable information. It offered a wide range of tones and soon became a favourite among guitarists like Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. Some have more headroom.

Colorsound Overdriver Clones | The Gear Page

Once overdriven, the tube and speaker compression leveled out the top end. May 7, at 2: And there, displayed in the window, was this large orange pedal.

The TC is very good though and you got three modes for different tones, which makes it very versatile.

No the Dirt Royale is not a Ger,anium clone but it was amazing. He would have had no problems using high volume, especially in a live situation.

April 29, at 9: The Sun Face works nicely with both. Using the ODB as a boost after both really smooths out the sound of the muff and fuzz face to a more musical and workable sound.


Another new Overdriver clone is from Uncle Ernie’s Effects. Macaris has always said that the pedals are always EXACT recreations and built the same way as they were originally.

ThroBak Overdrive Boost review

Back in the days they barely had any monitoring and David always used to play extremely loud. October 1, at Konx said Could you share the pic or video where It appears?

Yes, both germanium and silicon fuzz pedals are capabale of multiple tones and the silicon sure sounds like a Power Boost when you roll back the guitar overdricer.

Important question for you.

Colorsound Power Boost

Same controls, same transparency, same gain range. The Overdriver was intended for export and the US market and they just made the chassis different.

That clip shows off the Throbak quite nicely. A definite must for those who want a great clean boost, on a budget.

David is also spotted using an Overdriver during various recording sessions in the early 90s, including the soundtrack for La Carrera Pan America and Division Bell. Very sorry for my late reply… Your order looks great. See my full review of the Electronic Orange Bananaboost here.


November 20, at 3: I guess my question for you is can it run on a power supply without sacrificing tone? Personally I prefer a bit more dirt from my boosters but the TC does the job nicely. May 1, at 8: The Colorsound Powerboost was designed for loud tube stack and for taking them beyond tube break up.

See my full review of the ThroBak Overdriveboost here. I just want the muffs to open up and breath, and get the smoothness factor when needed. Lastly, do you have to change your colorsound yermanium when going from using it as a boost to overrdiver out a muff or fuzz to using it as an overdrive, or do you have it set so you can go back and forth by simply clicking on or off your muff or fuzz?