Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. One-Touch List Outputs the contents of registered one-touch dial keys. A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action. Output Priority Output Mode Sort: A diagram of the copier with all installed options is displayed. Select the area that is scanned during transmissions.

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Never open any machine doors or turn off the machine while it is making copies; otherwise, a ijagistics jam will occur. This symbol warns against cause burns. Up to 8 characters may be input.

Canon imf User manual |

Select the format for specifying the LDAP server. HDD settings Destination Name: When the [Caps] key is ON, it is displayed as reversed video white letters on a black background. General imagisitcs Settings This page appears after clicking [Settings] in the sub-menu that appeared after clicking [Default Setting] in the menu. I,2520f 17, Note This document might be updated at any time; the most recent revision is always available on Cisco.

The document will be received as single-sided pages.


Imagistics im3520 User Manual

Only use toner that has been manufactured specifically for this copier. Later functions cannot be set. Copyright Simba Technologies Inc.

If a button that has already been programmed is selected, the previously assigned copy program is deleted. Dispose of empty cartridge properly.

Bit Details 7, 6, 5 4, 3, 2 1 0 imf Shrinks incoming documents when they are too long so they fit on the paper. Type in the login name for the POP server. The function set later has priority. Click this button to delete the selected F code. Connection to party lines is subject to state tariffs. This setting only blt to Printer Management Utility pages. The number of copies specified here are printed by the recipient.

Sign up using Email and Password.

im2020, im2520, im2520f, im Printer Management Utility

Note Real-Time cannot be used if multiple recipients are specified. After checking the various counters, touch [Exit].

Type in the name of the transmission source. Chapter 8 For details on the Administrator Management 1 screen, refer to page Click this button to display the previous page in the list of reception jobs.


Cron Service User’s Guide Version 1. Load paper for the cover pages with the same orientation and size as the paper for the document. Note With fax programs specified as polling reception or batch transmission, the settings cannot be changed using Printer Management Utility.

Heat could accumulate inside the product, resulting in a fire or malfunction.


Immediately turn OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your authorized service representative. Click an address to access the FTP server from the browser.

If the PC drum is exposed to intense light, poor image quality could result. Select whether an internal or an external line is being used.

Available only with a facsimile terminal; [Priority Mail Screen]: The image is scanned.