If they come up with any improvements, we’ll of course pull them into Fedora when we rebase. Marvell 88SX[56 ] 0[48 ] 1 libata progress? Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Comment 10 jrickman I have tried CentOS 5.

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Description jrickman Sat Jul 26, 7: Research in various email lists shows this issue dates back a number of years and has never been adequately resolved. Expect all 4 SATA drives to be discovered.

Wed Jul 30, 4: Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. For the Marvell 88SX60xx chips, there is a product brief document. This workaround work only with chipset that have AHCI support. Pierre Comment 19 jrickman Not all SATA drives are discovered. I have tried CentOS 5.

List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

This avoids ljnux system crashes due to attempts to build the RAID array. For the Marvell 88SX50xx chips, there is a product brief document. The only page for their Ethernet chipsets is: Comment 10 jrickman The chip called is some manuals seems to be a 88SE Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on the Marvell’s website.


Comment 15 Alan Anderson Since the AHCI driver will without parameter automatically claim control of the marvell chip on load linix also no use to compile both as module and insert the AHCI driver first, then the other one won’t load and you can’t use the ide port same as without this mv driver.

Comment 2 jrickman Currently in the Kernel 2. You can try this patch for 2. Wed Jul 30, 3: Website, accessed August 8, Sun May 11, 6: L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter rev b0 Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Comment 9 jrickman Allow the user to control this decision via ahci. Mrvell 11 jrickman You can browse this file here by Web Git: Comment 18 F5BJR wanadoo. To just gain access you only need the Marvell driver patch, in this case both, AHCI and Marvell driver compiled statically into the kernel.

Marvell SATA controller, not recognized?

In case you want both, the AHCI and the Marvell driver, as i do, you will have to live with the changed harddisk layout, at least till a better working marvell driver is incorporated in mainline. FAIL – Use “blkid” to see attached drives. Comment 23 Andy Linu