SDL installed, including the development package headers. The important line is the one starting with input: That will permit you to simulate key presses or mouse movements and the rest of the software stack Xorg, etc. If you still want to do this pointless hack no matter what, you can use the uinput not xinput driver to inject input device messages into the kernel. The same releases are also available through the sourceforge downloads page. Working SpaceNavigator according to the instructions above.

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Spacenav web site

That runs a daemon in the background to which programs that want to use the device try to connect. The spacenav project provides a free, compatible alternative to the proprietary 3Dconnexion device driver and SDK, for their 3D input devices called “space navigator”, “space pilot”, “space traveller”, “space mouse”, etc.

Oinux means that you can run it without any restrictions, for any purpose, you can modify it, and you can re-distribute it verbatim or with any modifications. To clear commands from button, press “Clear”. After you do, list of buttons will appear on the left side, and list of commands will be available on the right side.

However, if you release anything that contains this code or parts of it, you must release it under the terms of the GPL v3 or at your option, any later version published by the free software foundation.


Use the following commands to clone a local copy of our repositories: The plan 3xconnexion to eventually fully support at least all free UNIX systems.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux

If everything is OK, a static library libndofdev. If you’re having trouble using any part of the spacenav project, feel free to contact us by sending an email to the spacenav-users mailing list.

Then look for a lines similar to: Have a look at the open source SpaceNav project http: If your Linux uses HAL for device management, it is possible that your Navigator will be recognized as a mouse and the cursor on the screen will keep moving when you apply pressure on the cap. This means there was no support for any settings for a device, since on Linux there is no good support for this, and on Windows it is overridden.

Adding that to Cura would be fairly simple, assuming they have some abstraction e. Retrieved from ” http: The problem should be fixed.

This section is obsolete. The mess you have with the driver is likely a bug in the driver or just crappy code. Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress.

Your email address will not be published. Steps required to build Second Life with support for joysticks and SpaceNavigator: For more details about the spacenav project, please consult the FAQ. If sometimes navigator stops working, it is good to restart driver. The same releases are also available through the sourceforge downloads page.


The library has no real Linux support yet, however I wrote a compatible drop-in replacement using the published API that allows Second Life viewers use both joysticks and SpaceNavigator on Linux see below. For more details, see the full text of the license.

3Dconnexion input devices

This is a project aiming to create an open-sourced driver which is compatible with the proprietary drivers from 3Dconnexion. That will permit you to simulate key presses or mouse movements and the rest of the software stack Xorg, 3dvonnexion. Rebuild the viewer as usual.

If you have limux official driver installed or spacenav driver, not testedyou need to stop the daemon otherwise the example will not work.

When you open this tab for the first time, it will be empty and unavailable. Otherwise you can also try the Spacenav driver http: Official source code releases for all parts of the free spacenav project are available on github: There’s also a developers mailing list that you should join if you plan on contributing to the project with code, bug fixes, patches, etc.

Please use the git repositories instead. Apart from using VRPNwhich is an overkill for simple projects, it is easy 3dcohnexion use the device directly using the input framework as HID device.