Stick your answer on the back of a post- card or sealed-down envelope and send it off to: Welt, thai was old Goliath himseff! When the missile attack starts, in- sert the large plug into the large receptacle, and press the generator switch. Steer the boat lo wards the spire, take the toolbox And examine the Uwk under the cushion the key and the Co to the dais and wait fflfffTTrillian grabs you. Hang on a sec rummages through poc- kets , No. Stunt Car Racer finally makes ft out and motors straight on up, and deservedly so, we say! TYPE followed by the required word en- closed in double quotes.

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Justin, me old mate, me old china, me old soup spoon, III be straight with you. If you’ve got anything In he way of playing Opt, maps. culr

List user guides and manuals for EMGETON, MP3 player/ walkman in Česky – Czech language:

Training, which lata the player practice events, and Olympic in which the player embarks on a full Olympic tour, with the Option to choose which country he wishes to compete for. The main reason for Ihrs hs thai we have joined a “Cracking Team”. Go to ihe storekeeper give him the video camera and put the boat which he gives you on he end ol the pier Go left and pul the sword on the grave and fall down ihe emgton Go left, and gel the dynamtte Jump down the place where the crib is.

B i are mine – and I’ve got them in orde. Some of the waves of enemy ships leave behind a smart-bomb when wiped out very admirably indeed, but after only a few minutes a you get a nagging feeling of “Erm, haven’t I seen this somewhere before?


An Amiga costs twice as much as a Megadrive. So just what do you have to do to stand any chance of winning this marvellous piece of Japanese hardware?

From a horizontally scrolling assault course to a yornp through muddy waters, one or two raw recruits must waggle that joy slick until their arms break – and then some more if they want to escape the wrath of ihe Sargent Major, cross him emfeton it’s Chin- ups or you. Super Hang-On, Forgotten Worlds. Space Ace is an amazing computer demo.

Emgeton M6 Cult

The bubble fakes you up the d-tf Walk off the bubble and jump up ihe cliff. As m the Commodore chart.

Get on the blower, ring the number shown above, answer the questions, and keep your fingers crossed. Stick your answer on the back of a post- card or sealed-down envelope and send it off to: Ric has to dodge or rocket numerous ha zards, including homing swordfish. Put the dangly bit into the cup, and press the switch. Why not wail a cuult. If youve got a highscore, send it in to: Mr X wasted littk time in wtttlng back to Complain! Blast an anil re wave end power-upe mn left behind to help you hick even more ass.

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He still cant copy my devas- tating impression of Frankie Howerd 7: Thank God Gremlin of ScoQpex was pres ent, as his mum brought the ice cream and jelly along.

I’ve seen ii in rather a lot of places before and after a while I began to gat rather bored with the whole thing. Our game titles and stock can’t be beaten by any other mail order house and we stock months ahead of our competition.

Go to the nutria mat and open the panel at the back Get the board and in- sert the interface, then press the pad. Eee, I know it!


I’m wondering il you could tell me why I can’t get many com- pulgr games for my Atari 65XE Because l live at Ciren- cester and they don’t do Ro- bocop and all them good games like that for mine. Emlyn is licensing his rather unusual name to Audiogenic for their latest product also pictured here. You want gold my boy p you shall have iV Here is a way to get it that may make you wish you’d never asked!

To celebrate the footy sim’s 48 weeks in the chart, two signed copies of International Soccer complete with autographed Emlyn posters are up for grabs for the first prize winners, with eight copies of the game available to the runners-up. The correct de- cision moves Ace on to the next piece of animal ton.

This is a puzzle th. Not only is lha Next Space very similar to loads of other shoot ‘am ups oat there, Its not a particularly good game either Blasting fans might like to give it a whirl, but It doesn’t hold your interest for long. THE CD SIDE OF LIFE The program is stored on CD in digital format, and when played the program whiles down the wire you can listen to it if you like, but it’s horribly screechy and will more than likely burst your ear drums But the computer can understand it, and with its processor working fiat out to interpret the signal into computer code, the end result is a loading time of well under ha minute in some cases!