Returning to the CPU socket area, we find ample room for alternative cooling solutions. It’s important to note that our tests were carried out using the latest GLI hack. The ULi USB connectors, chassis panel, and system fan header are located on the left edge of the board. EPoX began operations in as a value brand performance alternative in the marketplace. Wouldn’t it be impossible to install Windows?

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The DIMM module slots’ color coordination is correct for dual channel setup. Our board would randomly lock up after exiting Microsoft Windows XP and this issue would require us to power down epp-9u1697 machine before continuing operation.

Can You Run Nvidia Dual Graphics Without SLI?

More information about the entire line of EPoX products can be found here. Ensuring proper driver support is crucial to determining compatibility with newer and older software, especially if users opt for the GLI route, as demonstrated by fp-9u1697 EP-9U Features EPoX designed a decently laid out board with all major connections easily reached except for the floppy drive connector.

So this board is pretty much a good overclocking board for a great price.

Let’s find out how EPoX’s offering fares against the competition. The layout in this area could have been excellent if the pn ATX connector or floppy drive connector would have been placed to the right of the first IDE port connector. The EPoX layout provides excellent clearance for cards and components, and was easy to install in a mid-size ATX case.

The bundled Windows application MagicFlash allows for easy BIOS updating through an Internet vli and automatically checks for new updates much like anti-virus programs updates. We can only recommend this motherboard to those who don’t intend to run SLI. The ULi M chipset is actively cooled with a fan and low rise heat sink that did not interfere with cards installed into a secondary PCI Express x16 slot.


In fact, the performance difference was generally negligible. The layout of this design offers a very sp-9u1697 balance of expansion slots for a mainstream board. We did not have any issues utilizing the first PCI slot with video cards containing single-slot cooling systems.

However, the amount of room in this sp-9u1697 for the installation of larger air or water-cooling solutions could be problematic due to the location of the pin ATX connector. Epox utilized high quality capacitors and a robust three phase power design that provided excellent stability in both stock and overclocked conditions.


Located to the right of the parallel and serial ports are the first two USB 2. But no matter whether you are reading a Pictorial Review or a Comprehensive Review, you can always read the summary of the review as well as examine the product’s specifications right on the first page.

The audio panel is located next and consists of 3 ports that can be configured for 2, 4, and 6-channel audio connections. The purpose of a pictorial review is to allow you, the reader, to quickly examine the product visually. This adds on to the pictorial review with dp-9u1697 test results and our final conclusion on the product.

The Latest Epp-9u1697 Tom’s Hardware. A “frightening” Ghost BIOS flash presentation, which probably contains more information than you’re interested in, can be found here.


Epox EP-9U GLi: Features – EPoX EP-9UGLi: ULi M Goes Mainstream

The memory modules are easy to install with a full size video card placed in the first PCI Express x16 slot. EPoX has prided themselves on their research and development capability by offering these products at very competitive price points while maintaining excellent performance standards. The fan was generally quiet during operation, although we believe that a well-designed passive heat sink could have been utilized on this board.

The configuration jumpers and the PCI Express x1 connector are located next. But as impressive as that may be, such a high HTT clock speed isn’t very useful. This new review system is designed to allow you to quickly receive information on the latest hardware.

Platform Benchmark Results Page 6: During our testing and general usage of the EPoX EP-9UGLi, we found the board’s stability to be superb and it delivered very competitive results in the latest synthetic and game benchmarks. In this new system, we start with a Product Overview whenever a company sends us a press release about their latest product. Older versions typically hang at the “initialization menus” and require a restart with a different BIOS flash. If you intend to run SLI, we certainly would not recommend this motherboard to anyone, due to its limited SLI support.